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Richard Hansen (Indicate Design Groupe) and Damon Way (DC Shoes, Incase, FACT.) in conversation moderated by Philip Wood.

There are many paths to success and many ways to become a successful designer. One way is more traditional: school > apprenticeship > job. And then there’s the path that Rich Hansen and Damon Way took: Two kids who had a vision to make it happen on their own terms, creating and producing work before anyone gave them license to. Without any boundaries, their creativity thrived and in this conversation, we will be discussing street culture, DIY business, how punk engenders entrepreneurship, and how risk-taking with action sports lead into risks taken with design and business. We’ll find a lot to be inspired by from these self-made design world heroes including how maybe your college days were misspent or not misspent enough.


Rich Hansen is the Creative Director and CEO of Indicate Design Groupe in San Francisco. Indicate specializes in Brand Identity, Naming, Graphic Design, and Interiors with a client roster that includes UBER, Panasonic, Dunlop, DCShoes, Sherpa, Expa, Emulate, and iCash.

Hansen was born September 11th, 1967 in Minnesota. He started young. At age twelve he won first place in a United Way billboard design contest, and in 1984 launched his formal career with his own snowboard company. Following that he launched an apparel company and the first streetwear clothing trade-show. In ’95 Rich began focusing on client-based work with an emphasis on finding those with common values and similar perspectives on design. This approach has allowed him to establish equity in most of the companies he works with.

As a self-taught designer and investor, Rich was strongly influenced by his parents as creatives, including his father’s role as a design professional, which helped to deliver the designer he is today. Rich lives in San Francisco with his wife Kristie and sons Magnus and Draggon.


Damon Way is an American-based designer, brand marketer, and entrepreneur. He is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of FACT. a skateboarding apparel brand inspired by the music, art and street culture of the ’80s and ’90s. Previously Damon co-founded the brand DC Shoes, which went on to redefine the entire landscape of skateboard footwear, and later the whole of action sports. After growing revenues from zero to more than 100 million dollars annually in about 10 years time, DC Shoes was sold to Quiksilver in 2004. Following that Damon drove brand-building efforts for the Apple-focused accessories brand Incase, where he served as Chief Brand Officer until 2013. Born in Portland, Oregon in 1971, Way was brought up by his mother alongside younger brother, and professional skateboarder, Danny Way, in San Diego, California. Damon now divides his time between Malibu and San Francisco with his wife Suzy and son Tashen.

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