Event description

Cosmo stands unique in the industry for bridging fusion of soft materials, onto hard surfaces, with embedded smart technologies. The Cosmo team specializes in bonding and fusing different elements together.

Cosmo is a global company with design and prototyping labs in Hong Kong and San Francisco, in addition to production facilities in China. The company was established to focus on advanced material innovation, work with design teams to solve challenges early in the design cycle, iterative production based prototyping, and to be a gateway to full-scale manufacturing.

There are endless opportunities for the integration of embedded sensors, flex circuits, haptic devices, hidden screens and LED’s, all of which contribute to a richer user experience. There are enormous tactile benefits when integrating soft materials into rigid products. These benefits also present usability and sensory challenges.

Join us for a unique opportunity to learn and be inspired by experts, sharing their knowledge and experience. Learn more about combining traditional craftsmanship materials, with newly developed knits & woven, along with advanced technologies and manufacturing techniques.

Visit us for drinks, appetizers, networking, and a tour of our 16.000 sq ft industrial
design and prototyping space.
• Meet and Greet
• Machine Demos
• Cosmo Introduction: Soft, Hard, Smart
• Panel Discussion
• Q&A

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