Event description

Weds, June 13th 10am-12pm

Join Autodesk for brunch and a panel discussion on using design to restore coral reefs.

The California Academy of Sciences and its partners, SECORE and Emerging Objects, are using design to help overcome conservation limitations and scale-up their unique approach to coral reef restoration. Learn about the design process behind the self-settling coral “seeding units,” and how they will help conservationist move beyond manually attaching coral fragments to degraded reefs and begin to restore reefs on a meaningful scale. Using this approach, Autodesk Foundation Grantee, the California Academy of Sciences pledges to scale efforts globally by placing one million coral seeding units on the world’s most threatened reefs by 2020.

The event will include speakers:

Aric Bickel, Project and Workshop Manager, Research and Restoration at SECORE International Inc., Zoe Bezpalko, Sustainability Strategy Manager for the Autodesk Foundation, and hands on access to the 3D printed ceramic “seeding units” provided by Emerging Objects in Berkeley.

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