Event description

If there is one consistent theme that crops up amongst all cross disciplinary members of user experience teams it’s this – “how do we get user experience a seat at the table?” Come hear a perspective on why this is the wrong question to be asked and other career advice for having the influence and impact you want to ensure a meaningful career.

Justin Maguire, SVP of Salesforce

Justin Maguire is the SVP of Product Design and User Experience at Salesforce. He is an industry thought leader in software, product, and service design concept and delivery to market. With both in-house and agency experience, he specializes in elevating the role of customer centric design practices within organizations and leading globally distributed teams to deliver world class product and service ecosystems to customers. He’s a passionate believer in the power of great cross disciplinary teams to craft products and services which elevate the human condition and drive market performance. This kind of rare alchemy is challenging to achieve and even more difficult to persist and is exactly the kind of challenge that gets Justin inspired to show up each day.


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