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Anki’s robots are not only clever, but they’re spunky animated characters brought to life to entertain and delight children. In this session, Dei Gaztelumendi and Mooly Segal from Anki discuss key learnings from their work around the company’s best-selling robot, Cozmo. Standing on the shoulders of giants from feature-film animation, interactive gameplay and modern robotics & AI, Dei and Mooly offer insights into the intricate processes that were indispensable to went into developing the character and animation of a physical robot – including how a group of people across variety of disciplines, from character designers and animators to mechanical engineers and roboticists, worked together to bring a robot character to life.

Dei Gaztelumendi, Character Lead.
Dei is a Spanish-born character specialist with background in Character Animation and Character Design. After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Animation from Sheridan College, he began his career as a CG Character Animator in Canada. Shortly after, he transitioned to developing characters for companies such as Paramount Pictures and Animation Mentor. At Paramount Pictures, his work involved aiding Directors and Scriptwriters with the visualization of the movies’ characters. In the case of Animation Mentor, Dei has been in charge of ideating and overseeing the creation of all of the company’s own character franchises since 2012 (The Tribes, The Crew & The Horde). In addition to his work at various entertainment studios, Dei is also a published children’s book author & Illustrator, and has also partaken as Lead Character Designer on high-profile independent projects, such as Carlos Baena’s upcoming short film “La Noria”. In 2015, he was featured on an Adobe ad campaign as one of Europe’s top Character Concept Artists, due to his character centric magazine cover illustrations.

Dei started at Anki in 2015 as a Character Specialist contractor, and was responsible for designing Cozmo’s eyes and expressions. Since then, he has transitioned to Character Lead where he is responsible for the development and supervision of Cozmo’s character & personality.

Mooly Segal, Animation Lead.
As Animation Lead at Anki, Mooly has pioneered unique animation methodologies that integrate classic Disney-style animation principles and novel robotics technologies to bring to life Cozmo’s rambunctious yet lovable personality. Prior to joining Anki in 2015, he worked as an animator at 2K Games and Electronic Arts, working on titles such as NBA2K15 and The Sims. Mooly began his career as a 3D Artist and worked on a variety of projects ranging from architecture, to computer games and online commercials before he chose to focus on his true passion; character animation. Mooly earned his B.F.A. in Animation & Visual Effects from the Academy of Art University.



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