Event description

Join us for a special event with Future Food Institute. We will kick off with a keynote from Matteo Vignoli, co-founder of the Future Food Institute for a talk on how food innovation is a cooperative (design) effort, followed by a panel with 16 Future Food Institute’s researchers of 10 nationalities to discuss global food trends.


Matteo Vignoli, Design Thinking and Food Innovation expert, will take us thought the human-centered innovation process in the food industry. Combining education with innovation, he will show our food system opportunities, through the work done with Future Food Institute.

Matteo Vignoli, PhD is “building the future” through research, education and business all centered on the application of Design Thinking experimenting with the world renowned Reggio Approach in higher education. Matteo teaches in several master programs and business schools, and works on innovation projects with global organizations. Assistant Professor in Management Science and Engineering at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Visiting Scholar at Stanford University and Ryerson University, Member of the Design Thinking ME310/SUGAR network. He is the Academic Director of the Food Innovation Program and co-founder of the Future Food Institute.


Over two months, 16 Future Food Institute’s researchers of 10 nationalities are traveling through 12 food innovation hubs around the world to study the main global food trends and promote a more sustainable and conscious food system. Starting on Maty12th from Italy, they will go through Amsterdam, Madrid, Valencia, Berlin, Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mumbai and Bangkok. The Future Food Institute mission is to enable young leaders to design a better future for our food system.

On June 7th, the researchers will land in San Francisco and will share their main insights around 4 main topics: Future of Proteins, Food care for food services, Agro-Innovation and circular food systems.

The panel will be facilitated by Chiara Cecchini, Director and co-founder of Future Food Americas.

Panel led by: Chiara Cecchini

Chiara is the Director and co-founder of Future Food Americas. She has a MSc in International Management (ICN Business School, France), a MSc in International Relations (MGIMO University, Moscow), and a MSc in Food Innovation (UniMoRe, Italy). Based in California, she is also a Research Scholar at Food Science and Technology at UC Davis, working on building the first comprehensive Internet of Food to enable food care through food systems semantics. She is a selected member of Barilla Center Food Nutrition Foundation and a Research Affiliate at the Institute For The Future. She writes for The Spoon, Food Tank and Make. She is part of Sandbox San Francisco (US) and Global Shapers Sunyani (Ghana).


Alejandra Ramirez Troncoso (Colombia): Designer,
Amr Ahmed Ahmed Elshahawey (Egypt): Social media influencer, celebrity chef
Ashleigh Jade Forster (South Africa): Food Scientist
Auriane Borremans (Belgium) Hotel and Tourism management and Culinary Leadership Innovation expert
Anusha Murthy (India): Engineer food expert
Bernadette Nikole Maligalig (Philippines): Food Scientist
Diana Moreno (Colombia): Designer
Christopher Howard Paige (USA): Food Lawyer
Elizabeth Yorke (India): Culinary Artist
Farah Al-nahhas (Jordan): Culinary Artist
Julia Dalmadi (Hungary): Food Entrepreneur
Kerong Wang (China): Biotechnologist with specialization in Toxicology
Ladeji Abimbola (Nigeria): Psychologist and Entrepreneur
Lise Van Wijk (South Africa): Food Scientist
Murray Elphick (South Africa): Food Scientist
Zachary Porges (USA): Food International Entrepreneur


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