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Kevin Carvalho and Gordon Baty arrived at Visa a year apart but came onboard to build teams with the same big idea: make Design with a big “D” an integral part of the Visa playbook. Four years ago company technology and product leaders may have been ready to embrace a more design-oriented culture, but Kevin, Gordon, and their pioneering colleagues had a long complicated road ahead navigating corporate red tape, getting visibility among the rank-and-file and doing business with silo’d product organizations more comfortable with outsourcing user experience.

To many of you in the design community, this story is more than the stuff of case studies in dusty monographs and blog posts. You’ve probably lived through or are now wading through similar circumstance. Kevin and Gordon want to share their journey with you, get your perspective, listen to your stories and make their session with you an illuminating and entertaining hour.

Four years on, Gordon’s Innovation Team, the Visa Design Studio now led by Kevin, with teams in Europe, Asia and across the U.S. have on different fronts gained a foothold in the mind space of Visa. They’ve brought tools, systems, career paths and exciting challenges for the talent who’ve made Visa their outlet for touching millions of consumers’ lives around the world.

It is just the beginning. A long-gestating re-org has brought the design teams together unified with a higher profile and higher powered backing for their work to realize the day when you’re sliding, dipping or tapping and see that logo you think of Visa, the consumer experience design company.

Visa Design Studio is HIRING! If you’re interested in meeting leadership make sure you attend this event!


Kevin Carvalho is the Head of Design, Digital Products at Visa, with over 17 years of interaction design, visual design, design strategy and design direction experience. Kevin is currently leading product incubation and experimentation @Visa.

Gordon Baty is Senior Director of Innovation & Design at Visa. He is a Design Thinking leader, methodologies geek, digital maker, erstwhile gamer, Shaolin practitioner and currently leading research, concept generation, rapid prototyping and design for customer-centered value creation.


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