Event description

Today’s system of education is based on the assembly line model from 100 years ago. We train our students how to answer questions, not how to explore them. Our education system hasn’t adapted to meet the new needs presented by changing times.

Design Thinking, a five-step problem-solving methodology, has grabbed the attention of educators as a way to teach students 21st-century problem-solving skills. However, there are few workshops and resources that support educators in developing discipline-relevant curriculum that incorporates design thinking. Design-Minded Education seeks to fill that need by supporting educators in crafting engaging classroom experiences by guiding them through the development of a design-minded course.

In this two-hour experiential workshop participants will:
Begin to develop an experiential, subject-matter relevant curriculum using the language of design thinking
Discuss the ins and outs of managing a design-minded classroom
Learn from an example of a school that has embarked on a design-minded transformation

The workshop is designed for educators who have a basic exposure to the 5-step design thinking process. However, we welcome anyone who is interested in learning more about the intersection between education and design.

Please bring your full self to the workshop. Come dedicated to participating and interacting with others as well as a willingness to embrace diverse perspectives.

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