Event description

RTL languages — including Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian — comprise one of the fastest growing linguistic demographics in the world. Understand design issues with fonts; icons and user interfaces; directional bias in motion and time; dialects and diglossic code-switching; and web/mobile layout considerations. Learn about factors in data visualization, scanning, and hierarchy. Our case study looks at Nadine Chahine’s collaboration with Hermann Zapf to develop an Arabic companion font to Zapfino. Research methods for UX will be discussed, along with Arabic calligraphic art, both abstract and representational.


J. Zari Matthews double majored in Middle Eastern Studies and ISF at UC Berkeley. Her IRB-certified ethnographic research was conducted onsite in Cairo; it utilizes cognitive science, anthropology, and linguistics to examine concepts of identity among folkloric artists and entertainers in contemporary Egypt. Her research has received grant funding from the Sultan Grant for Arab Cultural Studies; UC Berkeley Center for Race and Gender Studies; HASTAC; and the National Science Foundation. She is a former Rosberg-Geist Fellow at the Center for African Studies.



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