Event description

There’s a revolution underway in the automotive industry. Consumers are increasingly combining multiple products and services to serve their transportation needs. Gone are the days of car ownership being the primary transportation solution, complemented by the occasional taxi ride and use of public transit. Rapid adoption of new technologies has enabled a new wave of competing solutions, challenging traditional consumption and business models. Above all, consumers are expecting seamless, on-demand, and connected experiences.

Automakers are facing their biggest challenge since the birth of the automotive industry more than 100 years ago: How can they:

Create holistic mobility experiences in a future of hyperconnected consumer
leverage their unique market position to create entirely new approaches to mobility
Stay true to their brand and heritage while responding to new market realities

We are bringing together automotive innovation and experience design leaders to explore how automakers are tackling the future of mobility. Expect to learn about the trends driving change in the industry, and a lively discussion of how automakers can create mobility experiences beyond the car.

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