Event description

As designers, we see many companies trying to introduce technology into everyday products to be disruptive. But when it comes to adding tech to everyday life, this approach can make things more difficult and frustrating for people. If it doesn’t amplify and possibly augment what people already expect from an everyday object, it’s probably a bad idea. In an era of confused and ill-conceived connected products, how can we design products that add technology to everyday objects without taking anything away from the original and expected experience?

Join Ammunition and our partners from Ember, June and Cafe X to explore how we can create products that don’t ask people to dramatically change their behavior, and instead use technology to improve the things they already want to do.

Clay Alexander, CEO, Ember
Nikhil Bhogal, Co-Founder & CTO, June
Henry Hu, Founder & CEO, Cafe X
Suzanne LaBarre, Editor, Co. Design (moderator)
Matt Rolandson, Partner, Ammunition

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