Artists that Design: Johnny Hwin of Cathedrals + Purin Installation Opening Party

Join Hotel Zetta for an exclusive SF Design Week art installation launch and happy hour experience featuring: Music by artist/designer Johnny Hwin of Cathedrals Interactive art installations by SF based artist/designer Purin, exclusively available for viewing at Hotel Zetta during SFDW Complimentary VR room experience (by Exit VR) 7-story street-art installation (located inside Zetta’s stairwell)

Building a Design System Architecture That Scales

Thinking strategically about design systems allows for a scalable framework that design and engineering teams can use as a guide to building effective products faster. Join us for a day of talks about creating design systems that can scale with the growing business and teams. Hear how companies like Pinterest, Airbnb, Lyft, Google, Figma, or

The Future of Play

“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein Play makes life fun. But it’s also shapes us as humans, building creativity, dexterity, cognition, and emotional resilience. Come play with us as we sample of the latest technology in the space and explore topics like… / How are emerging technologies like AR and VR

The Balance Between Brand and Function

Join us on Tuesday, June 12th as we discuss the balance between building a brand and ensuring that the goals and functionality behind your brand come together. We’ll have strategists from well-known digital creative agency Hello Monday in the house to talk about the importance of a strong brand identity and ROI·DNA’s own CEO/Founder, Matt

Designing the Customer Experience

Companies can no longer stand out through manufacturing strength, distribution power, price points, or information mastery. In this workshop, we will look at how to make customer experience a key strategic advantage for your company or clients through the power of design. You will hear how companies are using new customer engagement tools to drive

Experience Design at Intuit

Intuit QuickBooks uses world-class design to help power the success of small businesses and self-employed people around the world. Our designers are involved at every step of a project—from gathering insights, brainstorming, prototyping, and experimentation to launching pixel-perfect designs. Come join us at our Mountain View headquarters for a relaxed evening of informative panel discussions

Adobe Creative Jam

Creative Jam is a unique two-part design experience where UI/UX design duos compete in a tournament utilizing Adobe XD; meanwhile, a group of creative leaders will be detailing their own creative process in the Creative Jam Presentations in the next room to a large audience. Join us for food, drinks, and inspiration! More information at

Change Course

Amidst chaos and disorder, the discipline of design has shifted from a solely aesthetic practice to one of social change. Led by an interdisciplinary cohort of innovators, thinkers and creatives, design is arguably the primary interface between how we live right and possibilities for tomorrow. Join us in a panel discussion moderated by John McNeil

Getting to your first dollar: Prototyping and testing business models

You have used the best user-centered design methods to co-create with and validate that customers love your killer new idea, now what? Design thinking is a problem-solving toolkit optimized for the unknown. It’s commonly used to explore user needs, but how do we apply its core principles to the business model? During this session we

AI & Immersive Design Panel

SCHEDULE: 6:00pm – Doors Open, Food/Drinks 6:30pm – Panel Begins 7:30pm – Q&A 8:00pm – Drinks/Networking Jamie Myrold, Vice President of Design at Adobe, will be joined by: Ana Arriola: Formerly Facebook and Samsung With over 25 years of experience, Ana has shown leadership in product management, product design, and creative direction across surfaces for

Design Minded Curriculum

Today’s system of education is based on the assembly line model from 100 years ago. We train our students how to answer questions, not how to explore them. Our education system hasn’t adapted to meet the new needs presented by changing times. Design Thinking, a five-step problem-solving methodology, has grabbed the attention of educators as

Elevating Design at Visa

Kevin Carvalho and Gordon Baty arrived at Visa a year apart but came onboard to build teams with the same big idea: make Design with a big “D” an integral part of the Visa playbook. Four years ago company technology and product leaders may have been ready to embrace a more design-oriented culture, but Kevin,

We Have Standards: A Design Systems Panel

Join us at Zillow Group HQ as we host designers, engineers, and managers working in designs systems for a panel about their lessons learned. Our panelists: Matt Bond lead the charge developing the first two versions of Atlassian’s design system. He’s currently leading Product Design in San Francisco for Asana and helping push their design

Designing for Financial Health

What does financial health mean for people and how do we design for it? Join us for a panel discussion to learn about the future of banking and financial health. With this year’s “Start here” theme, our conversation will focus on how teams are designing experiences that enable better financial futures. We will explore experiences

Location, Location, Location: A Guide to Map Design

As location becomes increasingly central to all industries, there is no longer a one-map-fits-all model for companies looking to make the most of their location data. Whether it’s Snap looking to show off your friends’ stories from around the world, The Weather Channel giving you an early look at the storm headed for your community,

Mangez with Grow Marketing

Meet with Grow Marketing’s designers and learn about the world of experiential marketing. From pop-ups to stunts to press launches, we design experiences that make everlasting impressions on attendees through multi-sensorial and immersive environments and interactive engagements.

Tour of Autodesk’s SF Technology Center at Pier 9

Autodesk’s San Francisco Technology Center at Pier 9 is where we come together with our customers and partners to explore the future of making things. Join us for a guided tour of our unique space where you can experience the Autodesk Pier 9 Technology Center, exploring what it means to be a “configurable micro-factory of

Tour of Autodesk’s San Francisco Technology Center at Pier 9

Autodesk’s San Francisco Technology Center at Pier 9 is where we come together with our customers and partners to explore the future of making things. Join us for a guided tour of our unique space where you can experience the Autodesk Pier 9 Technology Center, exploring what it means to be a “configurable micro-factory of

Tour of Autodesk’s San Francisco Technology Center at Pier 9

Autodesk’s San Francisco Technology Center at Pier 9 is where we come together with our customers and partners to explore the future of making things. Join us for a guided tour of our unique space where you can experience the Autodesk Pier 9 Technology Center, exploring what it means to be a “configurable micro-factory of

Tour of Autodesk’s San Francisco Technology Center at Pier 9

Autodesk’s San Francisco Technology Center at Pier 9 is where we come together with our customers and partners to explore the future of making things. Join us for a guided tour of our unique space where you can experience the Autodesk Pier 9 Technology Center, exploring what it means to be a “configurable micro-factory of

Evolving Design Culture at Google

Google designers get the unique chance to design incredible products that touch the lives of billions and billions of people across the planet—but the role of actually being a designer at Google, making beautiful things that get turned into products, that’s a different story. It’s a story that’s evolved and changed significantly over the past

Thinking Big: Micro-talks about Enterprise Design

Enterprise Design was once the uptight, distant cousin of consumer-facing design. Today, all users—including B2B users—expect every interaction and experience to be great. Design at scale has now become one of the most interesting challenges designers face. In this series of short, pecha kucha-style talks, designers from across Salesforce share their perspective on what it

Product Design for Multi-Sided Marketplaces

TaskRabbit is an online marketplace that connects people who need help with tasks such as furniture assembly, mounting, minor home repairs, moving, cleaning, shopping, and deliveries with local Taskers who can get the job done. Join the TaskRabbit Design Team and a panel of product designers from other multi-sided marketplaces to discuss the challenges and

Coffee, Bagels and ArchiTECHture

Join us for coffee, bagels and answers to all of your burning questions about architecture! We’ll start the morning with a quick tour around the office, and then we’ll hear from our partner and principal Jim Westover about our office culture, projects and opportunities. Job captain Gustavo Bermudez and designer Parvathy Nair will share advances

Beyond the Screen

Come celebrate your analog design skills in this block-printing session for the pattern-obsessed. As a digital design studio, we spend most of our time thinking about screens. But we’re also devoted to cultivating the skills that made us passionate about design in the first place. Our design team comes from an incredibly diverse set of

Raw Design: Exhibition and Design Mixer at MCD

Kick off SF Design Week at the Museum of Craft and Design for a special party hosted by MCD Salon, a new young design collective. Start the night off with an interactive talk and tour of MCD’s three new summer exhibitions, including “Raw Design” curated by Glenn Adamson. Special guest speakers include Lisa Ellsworth and

Creating for People

Come and hang out at our Oakland headquarters, listen to some music, have a drink and meet the members off the Pandora creative and design organizations. We are a diverse group of makers specializing in: product design, brand design, strategy, copywriting, ad design, audio/video production, motion graphics, development, and more. We are united by a

Get Caffeinated with O/M

O/M is a product design studio in San Francisco. We believe products should strike a balance between utility, simplicity, and beauty. Our goal is to build great tools that achieve this balance to empower people to do bigger and better things. Come join us for a cup of coffee and hear about how we work.

Design for Education: Building Experiences When an MVP Won’t Do

When every change you make impacts the education of millions of students, what do you do? Join IXL Learning for a panel discussion on how we’re breaking the rules to innovate the learning experience. With 1 in 9 students in the US already using IXL, we’re on a mission to reimagine education while providing each

Designing Engaging Learning Experiences

Join us for a panel discussion on how designers are engaging modern learners by leveraging VR, machine learning, mobile apps, simulations, and much more. Moderated by Kit Richert, Director of User Research at Cerego, the panel includes: Shu Lai Product Design Manager, Coursera Coursera envisions a world where anyone, anywhere can transform their life by

Happy Hour with Upperquad

Join us for a happy hour at our new space and meet the team. Come drink, eat, tour our studio, and get a peek behind the scenes at some of our recent work and process.

Future Props

Go on an archeology expedition of the future of healthcare with the Design and Innovation team at Sutter Health. Together we will explore some of the potential scenarios that might develop for the industry and discuss their implications for patients, providers, and organizations. In this workshop, we will create artifacts from the future – a

Automotive Disruption: The Future of Mobility Experiences

There’s a revolution underway in the automotive industry. Consumers are increasingly combining multiple products and services to serve their transportation needs. Gone are the days of car ownership being the primary transportation solution, complemented by the occasional taxi ride and use of public transit. Rapid adoption of new technologies has enabled a new wave of

Evolving Design Systems

“A design system offers a library of visual style, components, and other concerns documented and released by an individual, team or community as code and design tools so that adopting products can be more efficient and cohesive.” -Nathan Curtis, Founder of EightShapes As design’s prominence in companies grows, the creation and adoption of design systems

Experience Prototyping Beyond What We Do Today

Prototyping as we do today is often limited to one screen on one device. But don’t we interact with products and services in more ways than just on a single screen? As the boundaries between hardware and software blur more, we as designers have the responsibility to leverage this opportunity to ultimately design a better

Designing for Trust

As the products of today collectively ask for more and more personal and confidential information from us, ranging from our social security number, bank account numbers, 3D maps of our faces, health status, weight, age, photos of our most celebrated and private moments, and more, the need to convey a sense of ‘trust’ in one’s

Making Connections Through Music

Spotify ♥ San Francisco. Swing by the Spotify office on your way home from work and enjoy some drinks, good conversations, and a few short performances from local artists. Get an insight into the expansive universe of music and sound, by interacting with some of our experiments that will be on display. The Spotify SF

Intel Music Series x SF Design Week

Join Intel Agency Inside for a live musical performance powered by experiential technology. We’ll be featuring an emerging music artist at our San Francisco studio location and showcasing a new event experience service that could extend to event design, conferences, concerts, and more. Speakers Nam Nguyen, Global Director of Experience Design at Intel Yogi Graham,

Product Design and Development Under Uncertainty

How do product managers and product designers work together to successfully overcome product innovation challenges? Meet Jessica Tam, Senior Product Manager at Zoosk and David Moore, Product Designer and Art Direction Lead at Zoosk. Learn how their respective backgrounds and areas of expertise inspired their journey to success despite the unforeseen obstacles and numerous challenges

The Path to Design Leadership

Whether you’re just starting out as a designer or you’re a well-seasoned veteran in the design industry or anywhere in between, join Affinity as we host a panel of talented designers discussing their roles, histories, and career trajectories. Find out how they became leaders in the world of design. Learn about the life stories and

Augmenting the Everyday Through Design

As designers, we see many companies trying to introduce technology into everyday products to be disruptive. But when it comes to adding tech to everyday life, this approach can make things more difficult and frustrating for people. If it doesn’t amplify and possibly augment what people already expect from an everyday object, it’s probably a

Fighting Bias in Design

Design carries lasting power to affect the way people experience and think about the world around them. Designers, then, have a great responsibility to make conscious, thoughtful choices in the work they do—whether it’s graphic design, product design, design strategy, etc. But even with the best of intentions, all humans are subject to implicit bias—which