Communicating the Value of Design w/Leah Buley: Workshop

Want tickets? REGISTER HERE Make a clear and credible case for design It might seem like good design should speak for itself—but in reality, you have to be able to make a strong case to build support for it in your organization. That’s also the tough part, since many designers struggle to talk about design’s

Introduction to Design Abilities

At the Stanford we enable our students in eight core design abilities so that they might develop their own creative confidence and navigate the complex challenges of today’s world. Join us at for a 3-hour session to discover and strengthen your own design abilities! Get a sense of where your strengths are and leave

Enterprise Design Thinking: Innovation at Speed and Scale

Welcome to the IBM Cloud Garage, where we have refined our own method of Design Thinking to scope business opportunities and execute our practices through the innovation journey! Any business, no matter the size, has to solve problems for clients or within their own organizations. Our set of lean and agile tools can help you

How Do You Structure Creative Thinking?

What do you do at the crucial turning point between gathering information and producing creative deliverables — the point when research becomes ideas and ideas become creative concepts? Join us to hear from industry leaders on how they approach these moments with their teams, complete with details about their unique processes and methodologies. You’ll learn