Event description

Our work and our workplaces are rapidly changing. Technology is ubiquitous, and products and markets are exponentially evolving. Machines are becoming smarter, faster; humans slowly become more creative, more mobile, more nimble. Teams contract and expand, and and so do spaces. Home is the new office, the office is the new home, and everything becomes virtual. How do you design for that?

swissnex San Francisco and Vitra are inviting the design duo Barber & Osgerby to find out, through the lens of a humble yet quintessential workplace object.

The acclaimed London-based Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby recently designed their first office chair: the Pacific Chair, developed by and for Vitra in Switzerland. Drawing on this collaboration, the talk will explore the design process, challenges, and opportunities of designing for work. Where do you find inspiration and feedback? What is the role of creativity and technology? From research and development to high-end manufacturing, how do designers respond to an ever-changing and ever-scaling world? Welcome Barber and Osgerby for their first presentation in the Bay Area.

Don't forget tickets for SFDW Opening Night.