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Presented by STYLUS and Citi Ventures

We live in turbulent times. We see an awakening of consumers, emboldened against a volatile world. Upcoming generations are making their mark as truth-seekers; they place purpose, authenticity, and fluid identities above traditional values. In their institutions, they expect brave, honest leadership that speaks to their values. Barrier-breaking trends and technologies such as Contextual and Immersive Experiences, Blockchain, and AI can pave the way for heightened empowerment.

Join us in a full-day Design Futuring workshop to explore the impact of this on people’s financial lives.

Design innovators, entrepreneurs, visionaries, empaths, futurists, and kindred spirits

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Currency of Dissent

9:30: Welcome
10:00: “Currency of Dissent”
12:00: Lunch
1:00: “Futures” workshop
5:00: Wrap

About the Facilitator
Daniela Busse (Ph.D.) focuses on research and incubation of breakthrough, design-led innovation and future experiences as Director at the Citi Ventures Innovation and Strategic Partnerships team.

In the past, Daniela served as Design Futurist/Innovation Director at Samsung Research America, as UX Director at SAP’s Office of the CEO, and as Design Researcher at Microsoft’s Office Design Group. Through her award-winning work, she defines ground-breaking new uses and designs for technologies, for future roadmap ideation and product experience incubation. Daniela Busse has a Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction/complex systems analysis & design.

100% of the ticket sale proceeds for this workshop is being donated to San Francisco Design Week produced a 501(c)3 nonprofit to give back to the design community in San Francisco.

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