InVision: Design Systems Roundtable

Implementing a design system is becoming a critical element of retaining consistency in design as a company scales, and can also save teams the time and frustration of duplicating their efforts. In our discussions with design leaders across industries, The Design Education team at InVision has been hearing a lot lately about design systems: the

1951 Coffee: Designing for Engagement & Advocacy

1951 Coffee is a non-profit specialty coffee company promoting the wellbeing of the SF Bay Area refugee community by providing job training and employment to refugees and asylees—all while educating the surrounding community about refugee life and issues. During 2016, 1951 Coffee teamed with Berkeley’s Montaag design studio to create a cafe space that radiates

Developing Design Driven Cultures

Panel discussion with product design leadership from Facebook, Intuit, Mix Panel, and Ten-X about developing design talent and creative cultures that position design to play a strategic role in transforming innovative practices and changing business trajectories. Ten-X is walking distance from the Hillsdale CalTrain Station. Ample street parking available 6:00–7:00pm • Meet/Greet with Drinks and

Going Beyond the Product: Designing for Service

Today, design strategy focuses on “the product” and its digital interfaces. But this vantage point ignores a key component to company success: the customer’s end-to-end, cross-channel experience with your organization. Enter service design, a methodology created to bridge the gap between siloed product flows and customer realities. Service design flips our perspective to the outside-in:

Why I Design for Uber

City View Theater, Pier 27 in San Francisco All we know is what we hear in the press. Behind the scenes, there is an amazingly talented group of designers striving for excellence: working to innovate and create better products. With this years theme Question Everything front and center, this conversation is even more important to have.

Film Screening: She Started It

Film screening of 60 minute documentary of “She Started It” Followed by a Q&A with Nora Poggi Director and Producer of this film and Kellyn Smith Kenny, VP of Marketing at Uber. This event includes lunch. Launched in 2013, She Started It is a feature length documentary film on women tech entrepreneurs, shot on location

Dealing with Red Tape: Service Design in Highly-Regulated Industries

Highly regulated industries can be difficult to design for. Regulations exist to protect business and consumers; how can service designers work with legal experts to empower customers and employees without unintended consequences? The San Francisco chapter of the Service Design Network presents a panel discussion with designers and legal compliance experts representing companies in the

Building a Successful Design Team

Join us in our Method studio for a lively debate amongst industry experts on what it takes to build a successful design team in the modern business landscape. Learn about various paths ranging from consulting, to in-house design, to organizational design, and how each can create meaningful impact. On the panel will be Robert Murdock