Film Screening: David Adjaye—Collaborations

dir. Oliver Hardt The first feature-length documentary on the designer of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. This documentary on British Ghanaian architect David Adjaye, lead designer of the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC, features interviews with his collaborators—a roster of influential figures in the art

Film Screening: Citizen Jane: Battle for the City

dir. Matt Tyrnauer Citizen Jane is a timely tale of what can happen when engaged citizens fight the power for the sake of a better world. Arguably no one did more to shape our understanding of the modern American city than Jane Jacobs, the visionary activist and writer who fought to preserve urban communities in

Film Screening: Neon

dir. Lawrence Johnston In a world where neon will soon be superseded by LEDs, Neon celebrates the beauty, color, and vibrant history of the neon sign from an international perspective. Neon signage is more than a hundred years old, and the craft and construction behind it has changed very little; it is one of the

Film Screening: Invention

dir. Mark Lewis An homage to the “City Symphony” films of the 1920s, Invention is a searching love letter to urban spaces, art, and cinema. From famous corners of the Louvre museum to the modernist buildings of Oscar Niemeyer in Brazil and Mies van der Rohe in Canada, director Mark Lewis takes us on a

Film Screening: Walls

BY PABLO IRABURU & MIGUEL TXO MOLINA When the Berlin Wall came down, we dismissed the idea of separation – walls were something from the past. Reality is exactly the opposite, there have never been so many walls; thousands of miles of fences, gates, barbed wire and barriers in the most distant and dissimilar parts


dir. Ngo The Chau An intimate portrait of the life and work of Yohji Yamamoto. One of the most influential and enigmatic fashion designers of the last forty years, Yohji Yamamoto: Dressmaker tells the fascinatingly complex story of this iconic and visionary seventy-three-year-old Japanese master craftsman. (2016, 69 min, digital) Click here to purchase tickets

Film Screening: The Cobweb

dir. Vincente Minnelli The Cobweb is big-budget Hollywood psycho-drama, starring Lauren Bacall, Gloria Grahame, and Richard Widmark. Set in a private mental institution where the neuroses of the staff are often as violent as the traumas of their patients, the main storyline revolves around what kind of drapes are hung in the library. Everyone has

Film Screening: Design Disruptors

dir. Matt D’Avella The future of business is being written by companies and products that—intentionally or not—are shaking up billion-dollar industries. Enter the world of fifteen-plus industry-toppling companies—valued at more than $1 trillion combined—with one unifying secret advantage: the transformative power of design. Design Disruptors reveals never-before-seen perspectives on the design approaches of these companies

Film Screening: Death by Design

dir. Sue Williams Death by Design investigates the underbelly of the electronics industry, revealing how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs. From intensely secretive factories in China to a ravaged New York community and the high-tech corridors of Silicon Valley, the film tells a story of environmental degradation, health tragedies, and

Film Screening: Eero Saarinen: The Architect Who Saw the Future

dir. Peter Rosen Explore the life and visionary work of Finnish American modernist architectural giant Eero Saarinen (1910–1961). Saarinen is best known for designing St. Louis’s Gateway Arch (a National Historic Landmark), the General Motors Technical Center in Warren, Michigan, and modernist pedestal furniture like the Tulip chair. His work introduced Americans to the expressive

Film Screening: Original Copy

dir. Florian Heinzen-Ziob and Georg Heinzen Hand-painted movie posters have almost disappeared in India. But in the heart of Mumbai lives Sheikh Rehman, the city’s last such artist. His studio is behind the screen of a crumbling old cinema, where he serves as an artist, guru, comedian, and philosopher. But Rehman’s world is at risk.

Film Screening: Yarn

dir. Una Lorenzen Meet the artists who are redefining knitting and crochet, reinventing our relationship with these colorful traditions by bringing yarn out of the house and into the world. Yarn weaves together wool graffiti artists, circus performers, and structural designers in a visually striking look at one of contemporary art’s hottest trends. (2016, 76


“System OVERLORD” brings artists and designers from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond who are pushing the limits of print and new media. Their visual communication explores unique techniques that reimagine form, color, space, and content. Curated by Bay Area designer Andy Tran, the exhibition will graphically navigate through highs and lows of human

Story Boarding with Mark Andrews, Director at Pixar Animation Studios

City View Theater, Pier 27 in San Francisco This art form of visually telling the story is harder than it seems. To be able to convey the ideas, character, mood, motives, actions, required to tell a good story through using visual images can be like alchemy; its a very subjective medium that only works after you’ve