Things We (Don’t) Talk About When We Talk About Design

As design continues to gain traction in business and culture, its utter lack of critical discourse becomes more and more glaring. We are adept at discussing the “how” of design, but our inability to discuss the “why” continues to hobble the profession’s further evolution. Join us for this lively, down-to-earth talk featuring: Adobe Principal Designer

The Next Generation of Cannabis Retail

Bay View Theater, Pier 27 in San Francisco Moderated by Christopher Simmons (principal & creative director of MINE™). Panel participants: Marty Higgins (founder and CEO of Harvest Dispensary), Tina Hardison (founder and designer at From the Desk of), Derek McCarty (CMO of hmbldt) and Cynthia Erland (founder of ErlandCreative, former SVP marketing for American Apparel). As medical marijuana becomes more mainstream

Brews + Branding Biotechs

Come to our studio for happy hour to socialize and discover how we go about creating brands for the burgeoning San Francisco and Boston biotech start-up industry. Our team distills complicated innovative science into simple and meaningful brand solutions for our clients. Find out about and share the challenges and triumphs when working with this

Landor Wanda One Night Only

Last year, Landor transformed an historic waterfront alley into a celebration of color and community using technicolor tape. This ongoing initiative, dubbed “Wanda,” urges people to be bold and challenge assumptions, because creativity can be found anywhere. We hope to see you at Wanda, Round Two. Come join in on the creativity from 5-8 pm

Be What You Do

Being genuinely passionate about what you choose to do day in and day out is something we live by here at Butchershop. So join us in chatting with Ryen Motzek, co-founder of Atlas Skateboarding and recent founder of Field, a multi-faceted team of creatives committed to exploring and preserving culture. We’ll talk with Ryen about

Interview with Friends of Type’s Erik Marinovich for Making Ways podcast

Be there for a live recording of breakthrough podcast Making Ways, with special guest Friends of Type co-founder, lettering artist, designer Erik Marinovich. This event will feature an interview with Erik, Q&A, cocktails and hangs at Butchershop, who celebrate people’s unique roads to success. During this live recording, we’ll learn all about Erik’s work as

From Product to Brand

From Product to Brand A lecture about the process of transforming a product or service into a brand. In this lecture, we aim to answer three primary questions: 1. How do you make your product or company more compelling to a wider audience? 2. How do you make it viable on a global scale? 3.

Elegant Questions Design Answers

Elegant Questions Design Answers. Design is the secret sauce pumping juice into the veins of everything. Karin Hibma, the strategic identity muse behind names like Amazon Kindle and TiVo, advocates for Elegant Questions unlocking hidden insights to Design powerful, resonant Answers. Come share a Saturday conversation at : : CRONAN : : Request an invitation

Five Easy Pieces: An Oakland Product Panel

Enlisted Design and co-host Oaklean invite you to a lively panel discussion featuring leaders in industrial design, digital UX/UI, manufacturing & prototyping, marketing, and PR. East Bay experts will discuss striking the right balance between these levers and fostering collaboration with one another from start to finish when developing and launching product. Happy hour bites

Health + Design Mixer

Join us for an important topic around this years design week theme: Healthcare + Design. Led by team at Honor who is designing a new experience for the aging and has been backed by Jessica Alba, Andreessen Horowitz, Thrive and followed on twitter by John Maeda. Come see what it takes to design a brand

Branding Yourself Apart

Having recently moved to San Francisco after a decade in the East Bay, we have recently went through the challenges and tribulations, the highs and lows, the awesomeness and the struggle, of rebranding ourselves. We’d love to share some of our insights and learning with our community here in our brand new studio. Event will

VMA Design Conference

Visual Media Alliance presents a full-day conference featuring stories of design across all media. Come be inspired by some of the industry’s most creative thinkers as they share practical strategies you can put to use right now to enhance your skills and drive new business. Everything from knowing when to apply a “less is more”